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Frequently Asked Questions

What additional perks does an investor on a Broadway show receive?

Typically when you invest the minimum investment amount (whether that is $25,000 or $50,000, depending on the show) you receive a pair of opening night tickets as well as a pair of opening night party passes.  During the height of Covid and for some time afterwards, some shows cancelled or simply did not hold after parties. 


Investors also typically have access to house seats.  House seats are usually premium priced seats in the house that the production holds aside until 3 days prior to the performance.  Any house seats not purchased will then be offered to the public.  Often the best seats to a performance are sold out, and they cost much more than a normal ticket.  Therefore the benefit as investors is that not only do we have access to buy tickets (in the best location) to a production that is sold out, but we purchase the tickets as the regular ticket price rather than the premium price.  E.g., if the premium price is $300, the regular price might be $180-199.

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