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Frequently Asked Questions

If a show is a highly coveted investment, who from the club gets the first opportunity to invest in it?  Are there different levels of priority?

Some of our membership are merely “accredited investors” who would like to be a part of the club, but who have not actually participated in one of our shows.  We call those people Recruits.  The benefit of being a Recruit and a part of the club in general is that we keep you in the loop on investments that we are looking at and we hope that you'll find one that catches your eye that you'd like to participate in with us at some point in the future.


We also have a handful of people that we call Junior Members.  These are people who have invested in a show that we’ve done, but at a level less than $25k.  For example, on Be More Chill, the investment share size was only $10,000.  We have also had a few people who wanted to participate in a show like Jagged Little Pill, but not quite at the $25k level, so they might pair up with others in the club and they combined together to invest $25k. 


People who, within the last two years, have invested or raised at least $25k in one of the shows that we co-produced, are Members.  As a side note, whether a person has personally invested $25k, or merely raised it among their accredited investor friends and submitted the funds via an entity (e.g., $5k x five friends), it doesn’t matter from the club's perspective.   


We often give those in the Member level the first chance to invest in our upcoming shows prior to Recruits or Junior Members.  You can imagine that if we get the chance to co-produce the next musical starring Nathan Lane and Hugh Jackman, everyone in the club will be fighting to get in, and we want to be sure to prioritize those who have already participated with us and helped us co-produce prior shows.


The only level higher than Member is what we call a Principal of the club.  This is generally someone who has, in the last two years, invested or raised ¼ of the total amount that is required to raise in order for the club to receive billing as a co-producer in a certain production (and a minimum of $62.5k for such production).  Principals not only get all of the benefits of being a Member, but often get first chance to invest in the upcoming shows, even ahead of Members, and also get to provide the initial input as to whether the club should consider a given co-producing opportunity.  It’s a chance to be in the “room where it happens." 


If the club's requirement to co-produce the show was $250k, investing or raising 1/4 of the amount (i.e., $62.5k) will usually provide (a) the opportunity for the Principal to have their name listed in the bio of the playbill of that show, (b) which therefore typically opens up the opportunity to (i) purchase Tony tickets for the show if it is nominated, and (ii) be on stage if the show wins the Tony for Best Musical and be entitled to get your own Tony statuette.  For example, when the club won the Tony for Once on this Island, the people who were Principals on that show were able to go on the stage and later purchase their own Tony statuette.

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