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Frequently Asked Questions

How is different from other theatrical investment funds and clubs?

  1. We are the opposite of a fund.  Instead of collecting money and making decisions for investors, we simply provide club members with the opportunities we have vetted and then club members decide on their own whether to invest. 

  2. Club members are not simply investors on a given show, but since we combine our investments together into large amounts, our club almost always has the distinction of being a co-producer of the show.  In several instances some of our club members have had the distinction of representing our club at the Tony Awards and going up on stage when our shows won Best Musical, Best Play and other awards. 

  3. Because we are so actively involved in the Broadway community and our membership includes many Tony Award-winning producers, we have access to almost every show that comes to Broadway.  This allows us to be very picky as to which shows we choose to invest in and produce. 

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