Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my name listed in the playbill bio for

When our club is a co-producer of a show, we are typically given the right to have a bio in the show’s playbill.  On most shows, we are allowed to list up to four people’s names in the bio as the Principal members of the entity.   


While this is on a case by case basis and is something discussed and agreed upon prior to each person’s involvement in the show, the club typically will list the four people who have invested (or raised) the most money for that specific production’s raise.  As an example, when the club co-produced Waitress, we needed to invest $250,000 as a club.   Jim, Greg, Marty and I each were responsible for raising or investing $62.5k (1/4 of the $250,000) and therefore our names were listed in the bio.  If Waitress had beat out Hamilton that year for Best Musical, the four of us would have gone up on stage and had the opportunity to purchase a Tony statuette.