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42nd.club is a Tony Award-winning group of investors and other professionals having a blast investing in and co-producing Broadway plays and musicals. Members of 42nd.club research and find the shows they believe are most likely to succeed and then use their collective investing power to invest across a large number of these shows. If that sounds exciting and fun, contact us and we can tell you more about the club and how to join.

Investing in Broadway is high risk. So why do members of 42nd.club invest in Broadway? There is a saying that "you can't make a living on Broadway, but you can make a killing!" There are few investments out there that have the potential to return 10 or 20 times the investment. Take for example the investors in the Fantasticks who have earned a 24,000 percent return on their investment. Finding a winner like Hamilton, Wicked, Jersey Boys or Book of Mormon could not only mean a return of multiple times the investment as the show continues to play on Broadway, but also subsidiary rights, licensing, and rights to invest in the national tours and international productions, which can provide additional income for years and years after opening night. Finding a smash hit could make up for a handful of misses along the way.

Members of 42nd.club utilize a strategy to manage the high risk nature of investing in Broadway by (a) spreading risk across multiple shows, rather than a single large investment in one show, (b) using their collective experience and analysis to avoid bad investments (there are many obviously bad investments that can be avoided along the way through collective analysis), (c) leveraging the contacts and network of the club members to obtain access to invest in the most highly coveted shows, and (d) choosing shows that have very strong commercial potential or that have the potential to obtain strong commercial success through anticipated Tony nominations and wins.



42nd.club has co-produced the following plays and musicals on Broadway, as well as a number of productions on the West End and in national tours:



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DISCLAIMER: According to the lawyers (bless their hearts), we have to make clear that nothing on this site is intended to be a general solicitation of funds. 42nd.club itself does not invest into musicals but is merely a club of Broadway investors, producers, fundraisers and friends. Any actual investing any club members choose to do with one another would be conducted between them and the production company or associated producers.